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Filming Still Waters

Rick Welch and Kaylee Sellers have been movie fans for as long as they can remember. There are many films they love but many they find themselves wondering why certain things seem to go amiss. The trouble in the filmmaking business is that Directors today have to answer to studio heads and/or Executive Producers that intend on having the control of the outcome.

At Tacky Tie Films we use our own money and call on others passionate about filmmaking to assist in our productions. We love the limitations and the “penny pinching iron grip on a dollar” that pushes our imaginations to the outer limits. We’ve accomplished the creation and release of two feature length films, a short Christmas film, among other pilots and whimsical studies in film.

Filming Let It Snow
Rick Welch and Kaylee Sellers

“We have no intention on changing our way of making films or any other media for that matter. It will always be on our terms and the films will be our vision. That’s the Tacky Tie Way.”
Rick Welch- Founder of Tacky Tie Films- In an interview with Channel 13 WLOS during the opening night release of Witch.

“I’ve always been a creative person, and once I started editing videos, I realized how much I loved it and I could see myself editing for a living.”   Kaylee Sellers- In the March issue of Sophie Magazine titled “Meet Up and Coming filmmaker Kaylee Sellers”.

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