A demented serial killer with a twisted desire to strand women on an island and ultimately drowns them when he is done with them. Rather than let them go, the killer keeps their bodies chained at the bottom of a lake. Now he has set his eyes on his thirteenth victim. Cheryl, a Christian woman with cerebral palsy, is attempting to overcome her fear of the water by taking a swim class at a local aquatics center. The killer, a pool service technician, checks weekly on the pool as well as his latest possible victim that can’t swim. This film will leave you gripping your seat as the story unfolds between heaven and hell and the darkness that seethes below the Still Waters.

Still Waters • In association with B2F Productions • Rated R for violence and macabre situations • Run Time 53 minutes • Starring: Ryan French  Ronda Allison • Screenplay by: James Newman • Cinematography by Michael Spears

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