Fire In The Hole

Starring Gloria Kimzey

Gloria Kimzey comes out guns blazing with her new media critic show, Fire in the Hole! With her incredible ability to mimic characters from your favorite films in some of her best costumes, Gloria rips the film a new one every time she opens her mouth. Did you love Pulp Fiction? You’re an idiot. Do you love the timeless classic It’s a Wonderful Life? She vomited in her mouth a little bit as she laughingly turned it off 13 minutes in. You’ll love to hate this fiery redhead with her hilarious takes on some of movies greatest classics.

Fire in the Hole • Starring: Gloria Kimzey • Run Time: However long it takes her to finish ranting • Rated: It’s bad, man. Don’t let your kids watch this one • See the pilot episode below: Pulp Fiction

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"Fire In The Hole" with Gloria Kimzey