When Bridget (Haylee Wilkie) learns about a deranged recluse named Agnes Barnes (Mattie Blair Drake) in the county over she jumps at the chance to write about her in her final article for the college newspaper. Along with photographer Heather (Natasha Ellis) and best friend Paige (Kalei Canter), she visits the town locals who warn her of the rumored “Witch on the Mountain”. Agnes, a known practicing witch, who was believed to have brutally murdered her husband, a beloved deacon in the community, then disappeared. When Bridget discovers the story of a young boy who’d found the witch’s hideout and barely survived the encounter, the three young women set off into the deep forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains to find her, not realizing they may not make it out alive.

Full Length feature "witch "

Run Time 120 minutes • In association with: AVL Street Films, B2F Productions, Beach Films • Rated R for Violence and Mature Situations • Screenplay by: Zechariah McElrath • Edited by: Kaylee Sellers • Produced and Directed by Rick Welch